Expand Your Travels

Publisher's Note


Whether you are from away and visiting Maine for your summer vacation, or if you live here like I do, I promise you that you will find new and fun things to do in all the areas we cover in this guide. 95 North is published throughout the summer months—a new issue for each month—to spotlight 10 fun and interesting things to do off of each exit of the I-95 Turnpike. We know there is life beyond the Turnpike, but let’s face it, most of just use the Turnpike to get around.

The idea for this magazine was born when I took my two teenage daughters to Hawaii in August of 2006. We were going to be there for about 10 days, visiting three different islands. On each island, I had two or three “must see” destinations—but then I used the area travel guides to choose the rest of the activities for the day. I also scoured ads to find cool places to eat and shop, etc. Just about every night I would use the guides to figure out the next day’s plan.

When I returned home, I started to think about this and how it might relate to our summer visitors in Maine. Thousands of tourists come to Maine and many have one primary place that they stay for a week or two. I figured that these people were probably not that different from me and would want to know what else they could do and see, nearby, while they were here in Maine. I also know that many of us who live here take advantage of the summer months to be “tourists” and visit other areas from where we live. So…95 North magazine was born, and for the past 10 years, every month during the summer season, we have published this guide with a new Top 10 list of things to do off each exit of the Maine Turnpike. I hope that you will find a “hidden gem” or a wonderful new restaurant—or see something that takes you beyond your usual travel area.

I picked a couple from this issue that I will definitely explore:

Wiggly Bridge Distillery Experience

Named after the iconic Wiggly Bridge in York Harbor—the world’s smallest suspension bridge—this family-owned business makes award-winning small-batch bourbon, vodka and whiskey. To get the “Distillery Experience,” including a tasting, tour and a cocktail of your choice, reserve tickets on wigglybridgedistillery.com for $14.75 each. Show up a few minutes early at the big old barn on Route 1 (441 Route 1, York), and don’t forget your ID. (Please drink responsibly; don’t drive wiggly.)

Great Falls Balloon Festival

Experience the magic of a hot air balloon from the ground—or book a ride. The 26th anniversary Great Falls Balloon Festival is at Simard-Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston Aug. 17–19. Balloons launch daily on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, and there’s entertainment, music, food, rides and shopping. (greatfallsballoonfestival.com)

Whatever you choose to do, have a blast enjoying all that you do while exploring Maine.

Lee Hews